Welcome to the Center Activities page! Please visit our Calendar Tab for our official monthly calendar where you find information on events that are scheduled for both the current and coming months, including various ceremonies, spiritual development courses and lectures, open houses, light circles and other activities organized at or outside of the center. Please note that most events are tentative, changes to the schedule may take place. If you want to make sure that an event is happening, call our center.

      To see our 2019 Outreach Plan, please click on the following link. Outreach Calendar for 2020.

      The following link shows the latest WDC Center yearly ceremony schedule. 2021 WDC Monthly Ceremony Schedule.

In addition, please click below to see our Regional Calendars where you find the dates for various ceremonies, spiritual development courses, seminars and conferences held in New York City, Washington, D.C., and NAR Headquarters in Orange County, CA, as well as in Takayama, Japan.

 You may click on this link to access the list of  Divine Songs for the Monthly Ceremonies in 2021.

 You may click on this link to access the list of Daily Miuta Schedule jan 2021-Apr 2021.draft.pdf

You may access this link for our upcoming Open House Reception 2020.

You may enjoy viewing here our recorded farewell to Kevin Stratmann (former center director) http://youtu.be/uPZ30fKSBvw.