Would you be ready if a fireman knocked on your door and told you that your family had just 10 minutes to escape an oncoming wildfire or flood?  What if you had only 5 minutes or less to evacuate?  Would your emergency backpacks and vital records be ready to go? Would your family have a plan and be ready to handle the situation in a calm and orderly manner?

Every year, millions of people around the world face devastating natural disasters.  You can be better prepared for the unexpected by:

  • Keeping a two-week supply of food and water on hand
  • Preparing an emergency backpack in case you need to leave your home quickly
  • Having a written plan indicating what your family will do, how it will communicate, and where it will go in the event of a disaster
  • Familiarizing yourself with the location of evacuation routes and shelters
  • Regularly conducting emergency drills with your family

We have compiled the following information to help you and your family be prepared for disasters. Please check this page on a regular basis for updated guidance, as well as for any emergency alerts issued by the center.

If you would like to support the center’s Voluntary Emergency Response Team (VERT), please contact the Emergency Team.

Lessons Learned from Santa Rosa Wildfire

Jeannette had been an Emergency Coordinator for twelve years. Her training and preparation were put to the test when she awoke at 1am to smoke, flames and 90mph winds racing through her community. Read how she survived, what she learned, and what she'll do differently next time by clicking the link entitled "Lessons Learned from Santa Rosa Wildfire.pdf" at the bottom of the page.

Do 1 Thing

Unique step-by-step approach that makes it easy to prepare for disasters and emergencies: www.do1thing.com

Getting Started:  Tips from Sukyo Mahikari

Watch the "Ten Minute Evacuation Challenge" 

Ready.gov (how to get informed, make a plan and build an emergency kit): www.ready.gov

Are You Ready? An In-Depth Guide to Citizen Preparedness:  http://www.fema.gov/media-library/assets/documents/7877

Local Emergency Alert Services

Arlington County, Virginia:  www.arlingtonalert.com    

Fairfax County, Virginia:  www.fairfaxcounty.gov/cean

Montgomery County, Maryland:  https://alert.montgomerycountymd.gov

Prince Georges County, Maryland:  https://www.princegeorgescountymd.gov/794/Alert-Prince-Georges

Washington, DC:  https://textalert.ema.dc.gov

Government Resources

CDC Emergency Preparedness & Response:  http://emergency.cdc.gov/  

Federal Emergency Management Agency:  www.fema.gov

National Hurricane Center:  http://www.nhc.noaa.gov/

USGS Earthquake Alert Service:  https://earthquake.usgs.gov/ens/

Survival Resources

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