Service Opportunities


Hello All Members,


Please see below the list and description of the service opportunities available to you in our Sukyo Mahikari Center. If you are interested in helping out with these activities, please send an e-mail to unless it is stated otherwise, in which you specify the service you would like to offer. We will put you in contact with the respective coordinator.


Service Opportunities as of February 11, 2018:


- Administrative Support: Members who are interested and/or have skills with the various needed office tasks may write to The service opportunities include assisting with communication with members, accounting services, internal reporting, etc. 


- Center Reception Coverage: This service opportunity is Monday to Friday from 9 am to 9 pm and on the weekend from 9 am to 7 pm. You can offer any amount of time; however, a segment of two or more hours is greatly appreciated. Please contact


- Center Repairs: For members who have experience and would like to help with small or big repairs needed at the center.


 - Ceremony Media Assistance: For members who have experience and would like to help with the various media issues needed at ceremonies.


 - Communications Support: This service opportunity includes managing contact information for members and delivering information to members via e-mail, the Mail Chimp system, the web site, and Facebook.


 - Cleaning Service, Monthly and Daily: Please find the monthly cleaning days listed on the monthly calendar and in the newsletter. If you are not sure what to do daily, please look at the cleaning list posted on the bulletin board in the kitchen and after you clean what is listed there, check the item off.


- Experience Stories: It is not uncommon for Sukyo Mahikari members to experience a personal awakening or even miracles as they develop in this spiritual practice. Members are encouraged to write about such experiences and to read their reflections at Monthly Ceremonies. The coordinator guides each person through the process of describing his or her experience and provides editing assistance. To begin, you may contact the main e-mail address given above or by getting initial assistance from your Group Coordinator or any member of your choosing.


- Emergency Supply Coordinator: We store water and food at the center that may be needed by staff or members in case of emergency situation. This supply needs to be managed periodically.


- Flower Service: Members may bring flower offerings to be placed at the Goshintai (Holy Altar) and/or help with proper storing, purifying, and arranging the flowers before they are put on the Altar.


- Group Coordinators: The membership of our Sukyo Mahikari Center is organized by region—the District, Maryland, Virginia, and Out of Town (Pennsylvania, West Virginia, Delaware) and within each region there are senior members who take responsibility to meet with, give light to and continue to mentor designated members.  If you would like such a responsibility, contact


- Mentoring New Members: This is a fun way to meet new people and share your joy of the practice. The mentor's role is simply to nurture a person from the time they sign up for the primary course until approximately six months after the course. It begins with sincerely caring and listening to the candidate assigned to you in a friendly manner and develops according to what works best for you both as you meet, offer light or arrange for the person  to receive light, and support the candidate as he or she prepares for the course. Supported by mentor guides, you help the individual establish a strong foundation as a member of Sukyo Mahikari. It is also a wonderful opportunity to better learn and understand the Teachings through your practice.


- Outreach Coordinator and Assistant Coordinators: Outreach events aim to bring the light energy closer to where people live. The various service opportunities are grouped below.


* Light Circle Coordinator- Assist with communication and management of Light Circles.


* Public Relations Coordinator- Assist with communication to the media.


* Home Introduction Coordinator- Assist in organizing Home Introductions.


* Assistant Outreach Coordinator - Assist with email messages and phone calls related to outreach.


- Overnight Security: This service opportunity is scheduled Monday to Friday each night from 9 pm to 9 am the next morning, and on weekends from 7 pm to 9 am.


- Prayer Leader Service, Monthly Ceremony/Special Ceremonies: During ceremonies generally 2-5 members may offer prayer leader service and reading the Significance of Ceremony. For the dates and times of these ceremonies and of the prayer leader practice times, please see the monthly calendar.


- Primary Spiritual Development Course (SDC) Assistance: Our center is fortunate to be able to offer the primary spiritual development course, Friday to Sunday, 2-5 times a year. For dates please check our yearly calendar. Members can assist by setting up for the course on Thursday evening starting at 6 pm, by cleaning and resetting the main hall on Friday, Saturday and Sunday starting at 5 pm. Other service opportunities include offering light energy to the candidates each morning of the course, buying supplies, offering water to the lecturer.


- Seminar Coordinator: Headquarters and centers organize various conferences and seminars, such as medical, education, health and agriculture seminars. The coordinator assists members interested in attending these events by providing them with needed information, etc.


 - Staff/Light Schedules: Members see Staff for receiving Light as well as guidance. There are also some days when visiting Staff is at our center and we need to manage a tight and fair schedule. The volunteer prepares a draft schedule, discusses it with Staff and arranges for its communication to all members.


 - Staff Lunches: Members have the opportunity to offer hot meals and salty/sweet snacks to designated staff. Lunches are generally offered at 12:30 pm and dinner at 7 pm on designated days. These are generally Monthly Ceremony weekends, SDCs, and other events (please see dates listed in the calendar.)


- Staff Transportation: Visiting staff needs transportation from and to the bus, train station, or airport they are arriving at or leaving from, as well as to outside events.